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The competitive landscape for existing brands is more challenging than ever with concepts from new brands. Distribution channels are often becoming new. In this crowded environment, smart lodging operators are finding creative ways to stand out from the competition. While gaining this edge, it will not happen overnight, these 10 keys can guide your strategy to create a competitive advantage in the hotel industry.
The hotel industry is undergoing a rapid transformation and the way hotels are managing revenue is changing. Therefore, the benefits hotel management software is increasing significantly in today’s dynamic and unpredictable markets. Today’s revenue management software optimizes and automates your prices and becomes the best friend of every revenue manager. Today’s revenue manager’s focus is not just on setting prices and increasing RevPAR. Overall, it drives the company’s long-term strategy, total revenue and profitability.
An online booking system using smart technology that can eliminate the risks associated with manual input and human error. This simplifies the booking process for you and your customers by automatically updating processes such as payment scheduling, inventory management, and tracking bookings. This places customers on your website because they can see all the available options and can switch to other websites without switching between web pages or those they need. Its automation capability provides many benefits for your business, such as report generation and more.

How does the hotel management software work?

Online booking systems are typically sold as server-based software as a service. If appropriate, the system can integrate into your existing website as well as your social media pages. The hotel management system has two distinct areas: the backend and the front end / customer-facing end.

The backend is commonly featured as a dashboard management tool that allows you to set up, manage, and review your list, reservations, and bookings. The advantage here is that all information about your business can be viewed from one place, rather than cross-referencing between multiple spreadsheets. The front end / customer-facing end of the booking system should ideally have a two-step process: book and payment. For the first time customers will have to fill a form, where you will capture their details, but each of its bookings will be able to book the customer with the same details and the booking will proceed for payment.

hotel management software

Online booking systems are designed to safely handle online payment processing and are protected by encryption and log-in and password protection. Once a booking is made, the system automatically updates itself in real time, and your customers can receive email or SMS notifications of any changes or simply remind them of upcoming reservations.

5 Big Ways to Improve Hotel Competitive Advantage Strategy

  • Stay ahead with cutting-edge high-tech solutions

Staying on top of new technology can make a big difference to your business. An old website does not earn the same trust as a modern looking website. Likewise, archaic methods within your property are likely to shut down guests. Allow online check-in / check-out for additional convenience.
Dig a Room Key: Provide an option with a mobile app or RFID card that unlocks the door based on proximity.
Those who use this flexible space close to home may prefer to go with a brand name when traveling, especially if a loyalty program is available. Therefore, try to give your property as much brand recognition as possible. Never use the old hotel billing format. Keep your hotel management system updated and always use the new hotel billing format. This can spoil your brand name despite all your efforts.
Nowadays, website visitors are looking for answers to some specific questions, and they like to contact you the most through live chat customer service. Deploy hotel chatbots for immediate answers to common questions, leaving booking support, local recommendations, room service requests and front desk staff available to focus on guests in front of them. Thoroughly customize reports to provide personalized service and gain as much information as possible with Hotel CRM software.
hotel management system

  • Keep streamline direct booking and highlight and promote your package

    In this era of instantaneous connections, planners get a quick and easy booking experience. OTAs and travel booking services lure guests to the convenience and promise of lower prices, but guests who book directly are 12.5 percent more profitable for hotels. Take advantage of direct booking with price incentives, upgrades and additional perks and ensure a convenient, simple and mobile-friendly process. Ensure that booking options from beginning to end is not easy to spot, streamline, and more than a few steps.

Create and display promotional packages, showcases such as free breakfast, free Wi-Fi. Offer secret deals to frequent guests, corporate discounts and accept multiple bookings and more. You can add a gift voucher to your website to offer promotional discounts or allow guests to purchase special vouchers on hotel services such as discounted buffet meals, spa treatments, honeymoon couple dinners, and more. The STAAH Gift Voucher Engine is an off-the-shelf ‘e-commerce platform that easily reaches your existing website and helps improve your brand awareness. Whether you are a large hotel, an independent property or a food and beverage establishment, it is suitable for everyone.

  • Take full advantage of digital content to connect and stay connected with guests

As more hotels offer free Wi-Fi, the opportunity to connect directly with guests increases through digital content. Properties can cater to the traveller associated with location-specific offerings, valuable area information, or offers tailored to that guest’s stay.

Make it easy for event planners and event attendees to become brand ambassadors by exposing hashtags on digital assets across hotels and properties. Create attractive visual displays on the site so that guests can share images via Instagram. Real-time social feeds on a hotel website can generate excitement and, as a bonus, increase the time visitors spend on the site. Create a guest-created hashtag mosaic and use the power of user-created content (UGC) to develop brand affinity.

All your digital efforts will create opportunities for engagement with your guests and increase their sense of loyalty to your hotel. Therefore, all these features should be present in your hotel management software. If you feel that your booking system is weak from anywhere, then contact the Dashing Webtech. They will solve all your problems with free advice.

  • Set up Google Alerts to track brand mentions on the web

Follow social media feeds and blogs for competing hotels and see which of their offerings are performing well.
Sign up for deal alerts and subscribe to contestant’s email newsletters to see what they are offering.
Quality Website Checklist

With the help of tools like Ahrefs or Screaming Frog, keep an eye on SEO and see how rush SEM is. What rankers do competitors consistently use using Ahrefs or Screaming Frog.
Review websites to see where your competitor needs improvement, then deliver those services flawlessly.
Pay attention to the indirect competitors as well as the brands with which you compete directly.
To create a competitive advantage, know your strengths and weaknesses, then compare them with the competition. The key to achieving benefits lies in improving the experiences of the groups. Providing excellent service means going above and beyond the standard.

hotel management software

  • Be sure to use Google Analytics and Pixel for your booking engine

It is better to get the most amount from your data from your website and integrated applications. Many properties embed an analytics code on their booking engine page to track hits and conversions.
Your web designer or marketing specialist can help you design analytics code. This code can be inserted into the STAAH traffic scraps. There is also the added benefit that you can now add your sojourn pixels to your booking engine.With tracking pixels, advertisers can get data for online marketing, web analytics or email marketing. A tracking pixel is an HTML code snippet that is loaded when a user visits a website or opens an email. This information is important to your business and is an opportunity not to be missed!
If you would like more information about Google Analytics or Sojourn Pixels, get in touch with our team.


Online booking systems are typically sold as comprehensive software packages designed specifically for travel agents. As highlighted above, these services include customer-facing features as well as back-office automation. Dashing Webtech, an Indian software provider, says. There is a clear distinction between a basic hotel management software and an online hotel management system, a clear distinction of smart technology, a clear distinction of smart customer service, and a smart revenue generator. The decision is yours; the business is yours and the property as well.

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