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Before taking website design service from anywhere, it is very important for you to know a few things, just like your website should open faster in browsing, only then people will take interest in your website. Your design should be made of modern and state-of-the-art technology, so that the website performs better, and customers are more engaged with your content. And here you also must make sure that how safe is your website? Will customers be able to feel safe paying from your website?

website design service

Perhaps you must have thought the same before buying anything from any website. But even if there is nothing to buy in your website, it is still very worrying how secure your website is. Because you are talking about a world where nothing is real. Everything is present in the computation of 0 and 1 inside the computer. And maybe someone else calculates faster than your count and they dominate you. In such a situation, how safe your website is, it is also a matter of consideration.

Any website you are taking, is it user friendly? And if it is, will it perform well in the device in every way? Your service provider will provide you with how much space in the server, how much bandwidth, how many email accounts will provide. There can be many more things you have to think about. However, we compare the rate first, and this is where you make the biggest mistake. Here your website design service provider fools you. By manipulating the things, they provide you best rate and you become happy. And going forward, your website is only a liability for you. For which you pay money year after year, but your business does not earn anything from it.

You are reading this post because you must want to know the answer to these questions. So, we will not disappoint you. Let us go ahead and try to tell in very simple language that what you will take care of before you buy the website for your business.
So before purchasing a website, make sure about these things.

Domain Namewebsite design service

A domain name gives your business instant credibility and puts you in the same online marketplace as your largest competitors. It says that you mean business and helps online shoppers and customers see you as a forward-thinking company that is conveniently accessible online. It is the pathway for people to visit your website, learn more about your business and purchase your products and services. The right domain will build your brand by creating a strong image for your business and can mean the difference between establishing a vibrant online presence and getting lost in cyberspace.

Hosting Type

website design service
Most web hosting service providers offer two kinds of hosting: Linux hosting and Windows hosting. In general, Linux hosting refers to shared hosting, the most popular hosting service in the industry. In fact, most of the websites are now hosted using Linux hosting due to its affordable price and flexibility. Linux hosting is compatible with PHP and MySQL, which supports scripts such as WordPress, Zen Cart, and phpBB. Windows hosting, on the other hand, uses Windows as the servers’ operating system and offers Windows-specific technologies such as ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL server (MSSQL).

Hosting Server Space

Every site needs web hosting. Put simply web hosting is where the files, information and content that create your website live. These files are stored on a remote computer which is known as a host. Hence the term web hosting. When you visit a website the files that create it are shown within your web browser. So, its vitally important that you choose a good reliable web host that suits the needs of your website. Web hosting is essentially rented space on a remote computer, it is normally charged in monthly instalments or annually. Therefore, it is very important for you to know which the host server of your website and how much space is being provided to you.

Disk Type

Choosing the right storage isn’t just about comparing capacity and cost. The type of storage your website uses matters for performance and reliability. Solid state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs) are the two main storage options. HDDs consist of a metal disk with a magnetic coating that stores your data. A reading arm hovers over the disk, storing and extracting data as needed. SSDs, on the other hand, have no moving parts. They provide the same basic type of storage but can read and write data with much greater efficiency. Because SSDs serve data significantly faster than HDDs, SSD hosting offers you a website that will load much quicker.


Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be transferred or downloaded from a website. The speed of the networks, connections, and applications running on a hosting canter’s server increases in direct proportion to the amount of bandwidth being utilized. Companies with fewer than 500,000 visitors a year are not likely to need increasing bandwidth availability. For larger businesses, understanding the correlation between high bandwidth hosting and page load speed is the key to choosing a web hosting provider that will efficiently meet a customer’s needs. Determining the amount of bandwidth, a website needs (and will need over the years) is based on the following three factors.


Database applications are used to search, sort, filter and present information based upon web requests from users. Databases can also contain code to perform mathematical and statistical calculations on the data to support queries submitted from web browsers. Because the matter here is about your business data, so it is a lot to be safe, secure and fast. Such as MySql, PlSql, PgSQL or MSSQL database which are very secure and reliable. Make sure before you develop your business website.

website design service

Responsive Design

With responsive web design, all content and pages are flexible across all screen resolutions and devices. Whether you’re viewing a website on your smartphone or a laptop, it will be unified and easy to navigate despite the differing screen sizes. Providing an optimal experience for the user across the board, website design service means your user can read and navigate the site with minimum resizing and scrolling. Responsive web design can improve user experience which will translate into a positive perception of your brand and business. If your customer can access your website easily on all platforms, they’re more likely to return to you for more business in the future and it more than likely means a higher conversion rate for your website. In a world where so much traffic comes from mobile devices, it’s important that you’re accommodating this factor through your website.

Positive SSL

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layers and is a public key infrastructure that uses the RSA method of encryption and authentication via security certificates. It helps to establish a secure connection between the client and the server through the secure protocol HTTPS. It is a perfect choice for protecting sensitive information, such as customer contact details and credit card details. The public key infrastructure presents the use of two keys: the public and private keys which are used to encrypt and decrypt the information respectively. Secure access to data is ensured with the help of certificates issued by a Certificate Authority (CA) which is shared only with the specific domain or server. The exchange of data happens after the certificate verification and thus passes through an SSL connection privately and securely. So, it is necessary that you understand the basic working of the SSL security mechanism.

Email Accounts

Your service providers here confuse you more. Some providers do not even provide you with an email. If you are taking a website, then you must have a corporate email. Free email such as Gmail or Yahoo which anyone can, but corporate email shows your business. So before purchasing the website, you must make sure that how much corporate email is being provided to you.
These were some very important information, which is very important to know before purchasing the website. There is much more that determines the quality of your website. For a person who does not have any knowledge about technology, it is very difficult to understand and compare these things. And service providers fool here, they give every customer different rate. And if you feel that you are also confused, then I would advise you to visit Dashing Webtech. They give you free consultation on WhatsApp or phone call before taking your website. You can easily buy a website by comparing all these things from their website, They are one of the best website design service provider. Like you buy your mobile laptop online. And their after sales service is also very good .So, edge all your tension and visit Dashing Webtech.

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